Poirier Garden Designs takes a novel approach to designing our clients’ gardens. Porter Poirier is a landscape architect that helps the residents of Oakland reimagine their garden spaces. Porter believes that the home should be a personal oasis, lending its serenity and beauty to all those who inhabit it. He also believes in striking a balance between the garden and the environment. The garden can be at once a place for relaxation and a beneficial part of the environment around it.

With over 30 years of experience as a landscape architect, Porter has transformed countless outdoor spaces into beautiful oases for his clients. The key to his design is to approach the design process with all of the garden’s inhabitants in mind—people, plants, and animals. When you create a garden that works for both the property owner and the wildlife, you truly have an environmentally friendly space. If you’re interested in having your own personal oasis, contact landscape architect Porter Poirier.