If you’re in the Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Orinda, or Moraga area, landscape architect Porter Poirier can help you bring your dream of a garden oasis to life. The home is a place to feel safe, relaxed, and refreshed. Porter can help you take a garden that isn’t working with your needs or the needs of the environment and transform it into an oasis. Porter specializes in environmentally friendly design, taking into consideration all of the life that will occupy your garden, including you, the plants, and the wildlife.

For Porter, there’s nothing more rewarding than creating a space that meshes with the environment, adds beauty to the home, and brings joy to the homeowner. Porter has been working with residents in the East Bay for over 30 years, designing in all types of styles, from ‘Japanese Southwest’ to ‘Cottage Garden.’ If you’re interested in Porter Poirier’s expertise, get in contact with him today. He will work with you to create a garden space that works for you.