Creating a beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly garden is what landscape designer Porter Poirier specializes in. For over 30 years, Porter has reinvented the outdoor spaces of the residents of Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Orinda, and Moraga. Porter’s focus is creating a space that is not only beautiful for the homeowner, but also meshes with its surrounding environment, allowing nature and wildlife to be part of our gardens—spaces that we often take from them to begin with.

Porter Poirier can work with you to imagine, design, and create the outdoor space that you’ve been dreaming of. He will walk you through the concept design, plant selection, and all other stages of the landscape design process. His design approach is all about creating an oasis—one that works for the humans, plants, and animals that will share your garden. If you’re interested in Porter’s design philosophy, contact Poirier Gardens online.